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Chapter 7


Panting… Sweating… Huffing…


Sleepless nights had been invading your beauty sleeps. There was no one time that you could sleep still. Tonight was the same experience. You had woken from a mysterious dream again. You wanted to wash your face but since your room did not have a bathroom, you decided to go to the kitchen instead. You lifted yourself from the bed and exited the room. Once in the deck, you looked up. Millions of stars illuminated the darkness. It was really magnificent. When you shifted your gaze to the sea, you saw a familiar figure, standing on one side of the railing of the ship. You approached this figure and even talked to it.


"Let me guess, you couldn't sleep, too, huh, Captain?"


Arthur glanced at you and smiled. "And you?"


"You don't say?"


He chuckled at your statement and continued gazing at the big ocean. He was only wearing a white long sleeve with three of its button loose and the end of each sleeve was designed with ruffles, brown pants, pirate boots, and his eye patch. Quietude filled the night. The tides of the salty water and little whispers of the wind could both be heard.


"Hey, Arthur?" you started.


"Yes, love?" he responded.


"Why did you become a pirate?"


The blonde male peered at you. "Do you have to know out of curiosity or you really wanted to know?"


That was kind of confusing but whatever. "I-I guess both?"


Arthur grinned. "It's quite complicated, my dear. There are certain things that should be left unsaid."


"Is it to hunt black witches?"


The male stiffened. He narrowed his brows and tilted his head to the side. "Why would you say that?"


You gulped. You should not even have blurted that out. Yao told you not to. Your little inquisitiveness got the better of you. You have to be careful in what you say next. If Arthur finds out that Yao told you about his personal life, the Chinese man might get punishment and it will be your fault if that would to happen.


"I-it's just a guess…" was what you were able to say.


Arthur stared at you. He then looked at the sea.


"U-umm… S-sorry… Maybe I should go now…" When you turned around, he spoke.


"Both of my parents were killed by black witches. I have a little brother and a sister one year younger than me. My father and mother were trying to protect us from those blasted evil witches. They wanted to take my sister and little brother for their ritual. I have already heard of their rituals because father used to tell me about it. He was a sorcerer. Well, actually, he was still a practicing one, an apprentice of the great wizard Merlin. Since I was the eldest, he was already training me.


"The witches were able to get my sister. My little brother and I were able to get out but we were separated eventually. I was weak back then. I didn't know what to do. All I did was run. I knew I was no match for them. Then again, if I were stronger then maybe things had turned differently. I searched for Merlin. I begged for him to train me. And when I was strong enough to handle myself, I decided to become a pirate. You asked why and my reason is because I still need to find my little brother and at the same time, hunt more black witches. When I found out about the Grand Witch, I knew I had to take her down. Black witches get stronger when they have a Grand Witch. That was why when I found her, I had to burn her and seal her soul. The black witches have weakened and I could already take them down easily. But there are still some who are still trying to resurrect her. Whoever they are, they must be eliminated first."


You blinked. If you were to sum up his life, Arthur had a rough childhood. He was unfortunate enough to have his family become the target for this 'ritual'. Both of his parents died protecting their own children. His sister died because she became a sacrifice. He also lost his little brother due to unknown reasons. Overall, he was lonely for the rest of his life growing up, perhaps only having 'Merlin' by his side.


Aside from that, he was partly true to what he said. He did not mention his past relationship with the Grand Witch herself. The reason behind it may be beyond your comprehension and as much as you wanted to divulge into it, it was not your business. Maybe, you were just perturbed.


Wait a minute… What? You were what?


Okay, maybe being 'worried' was not correct at all. Maybe you were just curious. Yeah, you were just curious…


"I'm sorry about your family… I really didn't mean to pry…" you managed to say.


Arthur chuckled. "In these past seven years after I lost my family, I never told anyone my personal life. Sure, Alfred knew what I've been through. He is my best friend, after all, and my childhood friend. But telling my personal life with my own mouth to someone else? Never ever."


So, that means you were the first one to ever know his whole being? What about that ex-lover of his? He did not tell her about it?


That does it. You had to know. If Yao would be punished, you had to take his place instead. It was your fault for insisting him in telling you anyway.


"Arthur, there's something you're not telling me. The story you told me now… I have a feeling it's not enough."


"What do you mean, (Y/n)?"


You exhaled some breaths to prepare for the worst. "You had a relationship with a Grand Witch."


Arthur's eyes widened. "What did you say?"


You backed away a little. "I know you had a relationship with Melody Ensorceled."


He walked towards you slowly and in some way, glaring at you. "How did you know about it? Who told you about it?"


With each of his closing step, you would back away. "Look, I know it was not my business but…"


You were choked by your neck all of a sudden and was lifted from the ground. Arthur extended his arm, using his telekinetic magic to you. You were still trying to fight for breath.


"A-A-Arthur…" you tried reaching out to him.


He flinched a bit and put down his arm, making you fall on solid floor.


You catch your breath for dear oxygen. Arthur was breathing out air heavily as he walked past you quickly.


"Arthur!" you called him.


He just ignored you and went back probably to his quarters. You were a little dazed to what happened all of a sudden. There was an implication that Arthur did not really liked bringing up his past with her and his anger was somehow passed onto you. The way his eyes were filled with rage. He could have killed you in an instant! You stood and followed him.


Once you reached his quarters, you knocked on his door gently. "Arthur?"


No response. You bit your lower lip and tried again. "Arthur? I-I'm sorry… I… really didn't mean to bring her up. I just… I just want you to open up. I mean, well, aren't we like friends now? I just wanted to understand you more…"


This was a stupid idea. Why can you not just admit that you were actually worried for him? You did get quite a little attached to him and you did see his good intentions.


There was still no response. You sighed in defeat. "I guess I'll just go. Sorry to disturb. Again, I'm really sorry. You know, you can't always keep the burden to yourself. At least that's what my father told me. I lost my mother when I was five (A/N: I do not want to offend to those who lost their mothers. If in any way I have hurt your feelings, please just comment below and even though I'm far away, I'll give you a hug. I may not be your friend now but we'll work something out. *giggles*). I would always cry everytime I remember her. When father saw me crying all alone, he was there to comfort me. He was actually the only 'friend' I have and it made me feel better. I realized that I was not the only one grieving for her."


Another no response. At least you tried. When you turned around to leave, the door opened slightly. You slowly twirled back and pushed the door. You saw Arthur, sitting on his bed side. His shoulders were moving up and down. Is he… crying?


This action shocked you a lot. You now know that the pirate captain of his ship, The Queen's Maleficence, could also get vulnerable when he reminisced something terrible that was supposed to be forgotten a long time ago.


"Arthur?" You clasped your hands together and moved towards him.


When you were an inch near him, he grabbed your waist all too surprisingly and buried his face on your stomach. You could somehow hear his sobs even though you could barely hear them. You caressed his blonde hair at a slow pace, making him feel more comfortable.


"I'm here. You're not alone, Arthur," you hushed kindly.


It was actually weird for you to be doing this. You were always full of pride but when you know serious things such as this come eventually, you knew when to get humble.


Both of you stayed in that same position for at least fifteen minutes. Afterwards, everything calmed down a bit as you were now sitting down next to him on the bed side.


"I actually had no slightest idea back then what the Grand Witch looked like. All I knew was that there was a Grand Witch. I met Melody in Havana. She was just an ordinary farm girl, living alone in the farthest part of the town. She was indeed beautiful. Many men had swooned her over but out of all of them, I was the one she fell in love with. We were together for a long time, four months, to be precise. I found out about her true being when the night of the so-called Red Full Moon came. I saw her gathering her black witch sisters and some young women and children all tied up. I saved the hostages but I knew I was no match for the enemy. They tried to kill me but Melody ordered them not to. I should be thankful that I didn't die. We ended up at the edge of a cliff after all the running. We tried talking things out, exposing her true form, until she persuaded me to join her side. I refused, of course, but I did try coaxing her instead yet she kept on imparting about promises to her sisters. So we ended up fighting with one another. Knowing the black witch's weakness, I burned her alive and finally sealed her soul in a crystal. That crystal necklace you had was actually my sister's. She gave it to me as a lucky charm. Actually, all three of us had that."


You touched the said necklace. You were wearing one of Arthur's only memory of his family.


"I'm really sorry…" You kept on apologizing. You just felt sympathetic for him right now.


Arthur looked at you with his emerald gaze then smiled. "You shouldn't even be expressing your regret. I allowed myself to share my life story to you." He then kissed your forehead (he always loved doing that to you) and placed his temple onto yours.


You smiled feebly as you wrapped your arms around his neck and let him rest his head on your shoulders. He also enveloped his arms onto you.


"If it's alright with you, love, I would like some company for tonight. Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything," he whispered.


You trusted his word. "I shall, captain."


And for all who knows, you will be his everything. 

EDIT: That Red Full Moon thing, I made that up. I was supposed to use Blood Moon from Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters but I don't wanna get something that already existed. I thought of the Red Moon as my second option but I also remembered that this was used in Disgaea. You know, Prinny souls and all. So, I know it wasn't that much originality but at least there's a new word added in my version! XD

And yes! Merlin the Great Wizard! Everyone knew him and just so you know, I did not made him up. His name existed in books already and I would like to say, I don't own him.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing except the story.

Claimer: I only own the characters, Georgina and Melody Ensorceled.

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